Seamless Floor Systems
Pro-Kem knows concrete flooring – especially how to treat and finish it to achieve outstanding appearance and long-lasting service. That is our business. We are not just Kansas’s premier concrete flooring finishing services company – our work has grown to surrounding states and nationwide.

Advancements in materials, technology and application procedures have brought a variety of specialized options for Industrial Floor Coatings. In addition there are many aesthetic choices of color, opacity and texture. The traffic and uses of each area of your space will dictate the best technology for utility, service life and appearance.

Explore the varieties of products, colors and treatments here.

  • We serve
  • Factories
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Wineries
  • Banquet Centers
  • Auto Showrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Offices
  • Garage Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Cafeterias
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Museums
  • Public Spaces
  • Residential/Luxury

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