About Us

About Us

For 30 years, Pro-kem has worked hand-in-hand with architects, designers and engineers to solve some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to fluid applied, protective & decorative coating systems.

We provide a look that compliments your interior design, corporate brand or industrial coating needs.

We offer top-quality state-of-the-art results at fair and consistent pricing.

Pro-kem stands 100% behind all of the top-quality, state-of-the-art, seamless flooring systems it installs.

KeyResin Innovative Product Solutions:

  • Decorative Systems
  • Decorative resin flooring systems that offer a distinctive appearance and outstanding performance characteristics.
  • Key Quartz Systems
  • Key Chip Systems
  • Key Thin-Set Terrazzo Systems & Enviro-glass Systems
  • Key Luster Metallic Systems

Garage Floor and Residential Systems

  • A variety of systems ideal for the latest trends in residential home improvement.
  • Key Chip Systems
  • Key Pool Deck
  • Key Luster Metallic Systems
  • Key Quartz Systems
  • Key Coating Systems

Industrial Systems
Highly versatile flooring systems ideal for areas needing protection from high traffic, impact, thermal shock, and chemical attack.

  • Key Mortar Systems
  • Key Urecon Systems
  • Key Conductive and Electro-Static Dissapative Systems
  • Key Secondary Containment Systems

Elastomeric Systems
Elastomeric urethane and flexible epoxy systems specially formulated for areas needing protection from high traffic, impact, structural vibration, and crack resistance..

  • Key Lastic Systems
  • Key Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membranes

Coatings & Sealers
We offer a variety of epoxy, novolac, polyurethane, and vinyl ester coatings that protect floors and walls from chemical attack and mild abrasion.

  • Key Coating Systems
  • Key Specialty Coating Systems

Moisture Vapor Control Systems
Available in almost every type of Key Resin system, EPOCON and URECON incorporate a unique epoxy/urethane technology that allos installation of any epoxy system on new concrete without any fear of moisture migration related problems.

  • EPOCON Systems
  • URECON Systems

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